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The bIg brother/big data state

July 4, 2012 – 03:39 am

This is what a Spanish driving licence looks like (the front and back ...
If information is power then how we store and use data becomes a key indicator as to the position of the state on individual liberty and rights to privacy.
here is a balance to be struck between the efficient use of data to secure cost-effective services and the cross-referencing of information so as to open up the possibilities of state intrusion into our lives and the potential abuse of individual data profiling for more sinister purposes.
That is why the Data Protection Act was passed in the first place, the fact that it does not reach into some of the more secretive recesses of government has always given rise to concern.
It is for these reasons that I am quite cautious about proposals referred to in today's Guardian in which the Policy Exchange think tank suggest that up to £33bn a year could be saved from public spending without cutting services, by making better use of data about citizens from applications for passports and driving licences, to tax returns and social media.
It all sounds very plausible but I suspect that the reality might not be so pretty. Firstly, their assumptions seem at times over-optimistic and other-worldly, especially the idea that social media sites, such as Twitter, could be used to anticipate bottlenecks at UK airports. Secondly,

Source: Peter Black

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Do your own research and do NOT let them fill out any forms for you. Find out what forms you need and how to answer best. Otherwise it truly is the cheapest shipping I have found for international travel. I paid 116 bucks insured, fedex wanted nearly 300 for 26 pounds of misc stuff. DHL was about the same as fedex.

Depends on how you're going to get around

And what sort of food you want. I have been to London several times and an average meal at a pub or casual restaurant costs about $15-18 in USD. The last time I was there was in 2004, but the exchange rate is not much different now.
Where are you going in the UK? If you're in London, the Underground is cheap and can get you most anywhere. The taxis are great and you get to see a lot of the city riding around, but they can get pricey. Then again, I've never used cabs here in the States, so maybe they're not that bad. I remember most cab rides running about $7-8 pounds which is around $15.
So, what city/cities are you going to?

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Exchanging your foreign driving licence : Directgov - Motoring

If you have a full EC/EEA, Gibraltar or designated country driving licence you can exchange it for the UK equivalent using a premium checking service.

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  • Avatar US Dollar uk pound sterling exchange rate?
    Oct 17, 2010 by | Posted in Other - United Kingdom

    I am from the UK and I am going to new York in January and I am wondering should I buy US Dollars now or later? And is the current exchange rate good? Thanks in advance

    • US Dollar has got weaker as of late because the Fed had done more quantitative easing (central bank printing more money) this has weaken the US Dollar and GBP-USD rate has gone your way. Shop around for the best deal: - compare ICE plc -

  • Avatar Trey How do i get the best exchange rate from US dollar to UK pound?
    Nov 29, 2008 by Trey | Posted in London

    My options are 1) Use my VISA card most places.. it uses current exchange rate plus 1% fee or 2)order pounds from a US bank ahead of time 3) order AMEX trav checks ahead of time in the US or 4) wait till I am in britain and use a bank/ATM there (obv not a trap one like at the airport)

    • The way the money markets are behaving at the moment, the answer to this changes every day. So no one can give you a clear answer. But avoid the "exchange shops" in the high streets - they either state "no commission" but give lousy rates, or they have good rates and charge a high commission. Anyway, banks are poor, so they need your money. Seriously, I would recommend a combination of Visa and ATM.

  • Avatar How do you convert the US dollar to the UK pound( or there dollor of sorts), or exchange rate also?
    Jul 10, 2011 by | Posted in Other - United Kingdom

    L am a little lost on the exchange on amounts like the US $1 is equivalent to ---- $5, $100...etc... Any info would be great. Symbols also.

    • We don't have dollars (not even dollars of sorts). Exchange rates vary daily and are widely available. Are you allowed out without your carer?