British pound v.s. Canadian Dollar exchange rate

Currency ETFs And ETNs - A Stock Investor's Alternative To Trade The Euro Crisis

July 4, 2012 – 03:19 am

British Pound Vs US Dollar Chart Daily 10-12-2011
By Joe Gelet:

While the European crisis is filling the news, many stock investors do not have access to Forex markets. Many brokers such as TD Ameritrade (AMTD) now offer Forex, but some still do not have access to trade spot Forex directly without opening an additional brokerage account. Even so, a direct Euro short may not be the only way to profit from the Eurozone crisis. In a previous article, EES outlined an options play to trade the volatility of the Euro. There are many other alternatives to trade the crisis, here we will explore trading Currency ETFs available on US markets, as well as ETFs that may be greatly impacted by the Eurozone crisis.

What are Currency ETFs

Currency ETFs are ETFs that track Currencies but are offered as an ETF traded on an exchange. They track both individual Currencies and derivatives, such as (UUP) which goes long the US Dollar

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The dollar sank to a new low against the euro on Friday but recovered some ground against the British pound even as Wall Street ended a turbulent week down sharply. The euro rose to a record high of $1.4752 in European trading before falling back to $1.4673 in the late afternoon, above the $1.4667 it bought Thursday. Its previous trading high was $1.4730 on Wednesday.
The dollar is down ne...w against the yen, falling to 110.52 yen before rising slightly to 111.07 in late New York trading, below the 112.36 the Japanese currency was worth Thursday. The dollar also fell against the Swiss franc, falling to 1.1247 Swiss francs from 1.1268 Swiss francs Thursday, while rising to 94.15 Canadian cents Friday from 93.89 Canadian cents.
The Canadian dollar has risen almost 20 percent in

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